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Implementing HbbTV

Monday 11 March, 09:00–12:00

This masterclass offered a business-oriented overview of HbbTV technology; managers, decision-makers and CTOs from the broadcasting industry will gain insights into the business benefits of HbbTV and the technology required to implement services.


The first module focused on the advantages and the opportunities that the HbbTV toolbox brings to broadcasters and operators: maximizing the reach of interactive services, enriching TV content and simplifying access; addressable TV similar to other digital media and branded TV viewing experiences with OpApps, to name just some.


The second part of the masterclass provided a high-level technical overview from professionals who will describe how HbbTV standards can easily be implemented to create interactive services and how these can be integrated into broadcaster and operator environments to take full advantage of the reach of their TV channels. It also examined how to leverage best practices for establishing conformance programmes based on profitable manufacturer relationships to fully enable HbbTV receivers.


The final module focused on the benefits of the HbbTV Operator Applications (OpApps) with real examples of market deployments.  Closing remarks offered a glance on the future of the HbbTV specification, Target Advertising included.

Masterclass Syllabus
Module 1

Curated by the HbbTV Marketing and Education Working Group


Jack Lacy, Intertrust

Angelo Pettazzi, Mediaset


Introduction to HbbTV

  • A bit of history: where did HbbTV come from? This introduction will set the scene with regard to why and how HbbTV was born, back in 2009. An overview of the current specifications, including the core 2.0.2 specs as well as the independent specs, i.e. ADB and OpApp.

  • The HbbTV Association: why we are here and how we work for the benefit of our members. The Association's high level goals and a brief overview of our organization: its working groups and the processes for developing and maintaining HbbTV specifications.

The business point of view

  • Review of the business requirements that provide the basis and motivation for requirements that drive the HbbTV specification processes. Hybrid TV is better TV. An overview of the business advantages to adopting HbbTV: from maximizing the reach of interactive services, through enriching TV content and simplifying access to them; enabling addressable TV on a par with other digital media and creating branded TV viewing experiences with OpApps while reducing Operators’ costs and accelerating go-to-market deployment. An overview of the business opportunities unlocked by HbbTV technology.

Module 2

Curated by Eurofins Digital Testing


Julius Mong, Eurofins
Mikko Karppinen, Icareus


The core HbbTV specifications

  • An overview of the features of the core specification. The core specifications offer a rich toolbox of features available to application developers to implement many types of services, from catch-up TV services to gathering and using data targeting viewers with appropriate commercial and editorial messages.

  • What are the main features differentiating the HbbTV specifications? Not all markets are green field and legacy can be a relevant business resource; it is necessary to know the feature differences between various versions of the specification in order to make informed business decisions.

  • What is needed at the transmission headend to implement HbbTV services? In order to implement HbbTV, the only thing needed for the broadcaster is the insertion of an “Application Information Table” (AIT) into the broadcast signal that lists all applications made available in the context of a given DVB service.

  • How to develop HbbTV applications: an overview of tools, techniques and available resources. HbbTV applications are basically web applications which can be developed and hosted like web applications for any other device type. HbbTV tools for testing DASH-DRM protected content and the conformance of the manifest (MPD) file with the HbbTV and DVB DASH profiles will be presented and described.

  • The receiver side of the game; how to manage the legacy, if any, and how to guarantee maximum interoperability through a conformance testing programme and a tight dialogue with manufacturers. Countries in which an entity is established to assure conformance of new devices with HbbTV specifications can expect to reach a high level of interoperability across different brands of receivers. An insight on how such a conformance regime is implemented will be discussed briefly.

Module 3

Curated by Teun van der Veen (TNO)


Teun van der Veen, TNO

Raj Patel, Yotta Media Labs


The OpApp independent specfications – a business opportunity

  • The Operator Application, a specification for the Operators that wish to deliver a common operator-controlled experience across TV devices, i.e. integrated TVs and STBs. To better compete with OTT, operators need to offer many of the same features offered by OTT services (e.g., PVR, backwards guide, VOD aggregation). Technology and consumer expectations are constantly changing and to retain consumers, operators need to evolve their active services without the need for consumers to replace their hardware. OpApp allows changing the user experience outside of the constraints of CE manufacturers development and maintenance cycles. This part of the module will summarize these business aspects, including the need for commercial agreements with manufacturers to implement OpApp; a few OpApp demos will be showcased.

OpApp Technology

  • A technical overview of the Operator Application specfication, followed by Q&A.



Angelo Pettazzi (Mediaset), Chair of the HbbTV Marketing and Education WG


  • What the HbbTV Association is cooking in its labs, closing remarks, and a glance at the future of the specifications. 

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